Season Ticket Holders

Do you think it should be easier to share your season tickets?

Find Partners

Create a custom listing for your season tickets that will appear on your team's website. Find new partners and hold onto your seats!


Use our simple tools to manage your partners and tickets and take the hassle out of sharing your tickets. You and your partners can quickly see who has which tickets.

Online Draft

How do you divvy up your seats? Use our draft tool to make your annual ticket draft easy and fun. The fantasy-sports-like system can be easily configured to your group's needs and will be a MUCH better way to determine who gets which games.


Great for businesses and Season Ticket Holders who need to keep track of how tickets are used. Customizable fields and reports will make your life easier. The Ticket Request Workflow can streamline who you assign tickets.

Find Partners

Did you lose one of your partners? Would you like to find a couple of people to take 10 of your games? You've come to the right place. Create a custom listing for your Season Tickets. You can list specifically which games and tickets you have for sale, or you can offer a general partnership where games and tickets are decided later. Your listing will be promoted on this website and you can also easily broadcast your listing to your network using our email invitation tool as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

Manage Partners & Tickets

Sharing Season Tickets is not a new idea. This service was created to make sharing easy. Here you have one place to keep track of all your partners and who has which games and tickets. The administrator can control who sees what. You can run reports to calculate totals and even hold an online draft for everyone to pick their games. Sharing made easy!

Online Draft

Our Online Draft tool will change the way your ticket group divides tickets. First, set up your draft to the exact needs of your group. Next, all of your partners can login to rank games in the season and prepare for the draft. Start your draft when you and your group are ready. Move through your draft at your group's speed. Once you are done, the draft results are there for everyone to see. Your annual process just got much easier!

Tools for Business

Season Ticket Holders are REALLY invested in their teams. We understand. That is why we provide these tools to let Season Ticket Holders keep track of how their tickets are being used. You decide what you want to track, it is easy to enter the data, and then you can run reports. You will have a real answer to "how do we use our tickets?" In addition, we have a ticket request workflow where an administrator can designate people to be able to request tickets. You can easily have multiple sets of tickets in the system. Get a handle on your season tickets!

Active Sports Teams

The following Sports Teams are using our services. If your Team is in the list below, start using our services today! If your team is not, please let us know AND contact your season ticket representative.

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