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SplitSeasonTickets is a partner in your Season Ticket Sales & Renewal Strategy. Our powerful set of tools will help your best customers and drive new sales.

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Sharing season tickets is happening today with or without your participation. Wouldn't you benefit if you played a role in the process? With SplitSeasonTickets you can. Our web-based service makes it easy and fun for your fans to share season tickets. It represents a unique opportunity to actively cultivate groups of people to purchase new season tickets while providing a useful value-added service for your most loyal customers.

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1 function successWithSplitSeasonTickets() {
3    Nothing to install or manage.
5    Thousands of happy season ticket holders.
7    Help your best customers renew.
9    Get to know Share Partners.
11   Bring new fans into your team's family.
13 }
proven success

A Managed Software Service

Our software service has been used by thousands of season ticket holders to create new partnerships totalling millions of dollars all while helping your best customers more effectively manage their tickets and partners.

 For Professional Sports Teams

San Francisco Giants

"SplitSeasonTickets has provided a much needed service for us. Season ticket holders can find share partners when they need to which helps us maintain a high renewal rate."

Chicago Bulls

"Split Season Tickets has been a great partner for the Chicago Bulls. Many of our Season Ticket Holders have found partners through Split Season Tickets. We have seen significant revenue gain since our partnership began."

Minnesota Twins

"The Twins have enjoyed a strong partnership with Split Season Tickets since 2011. I would highly recommend any sports organization adding their service to their arsenal of renewal tools and their Season Ticket Holder benefit list."